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DIY Pineapple Easter Eggs

Happy Easter Hens!

Growing up I always looked forward to easter. The optimism of spring, treats, the cuddly bunnies, and of course the fun and colourful decorations that would fill my childhood home made me feel some type of way! Now don’t get me wrong, I certainly love christmas but there is something so exciting about all the bright and pastel colours of easter that REALLY excites me.
One of my fondest traditions was decorating easter eggs to hang on pussywillow branches or hide around the house but I wish I had this little decorating inspo then that I want to show you today. As you can probably guess by now, we at The Pineapple Everything LOVE pineapples, so you best believe we are here to offer you a pineapple twist to the easter classic of painted eggs! This easter, bring all the tropical joy of pineapples into your easter tradition with the help of our tutorial on making Pineapple Easter Eggs!



  • Hard boiled or hollowed out eggs
  • Yellow craft paint (or egg dye)
  • Paintbrush
  • Green Craft Paper
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun



    • Paint or dye all your eggs yellow and let dry completey
    • In the meantime, cut out your pineapple leaves! Cut out leaves in various sizes. I used four sizes, starting with 3″ (for the two center leaves), then 2″ (four or five leaves), then 1.5″ (six to eight leaves) and ending at about 1″ (ten leaves).
    • Fire up your glue gun. Starting with your tallest leaves, bend over about a quarter inch on the bottom of each. Place a dot of glue on the underside of the tab you just made and glue to the top of your egg. Repeat with the second leaf, gluing it right on top of the first leaf’s tab.
    • Move to your two inch leaves now. Fold over a slightly narrower tab on the bottom and repeat the same steps as above to glue around your two center leaves.
    • Once you get to your final two sizes of leaves, you’ll no longer fold over tabs. Instead, place a dot of glue at the bottom of the back of each leaf and glue it directly to the previous leaves. I like to stagger mine, gluing the new row to the seams of the previous row. Work your way around using your 1.5″ leaves and then your 1″ leaves to finish it off!
    • Finally, curl the tips of your leaves with your fingernail to give them a pineapple-y look!



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