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☘️🍍The BEST Pineapple Planter! UNDER 10 STEPS!!☘️🍍

Are you looking for a little craft to keep you busy and brighten up your day? These little cuties are perfect for the warmer temperatures that are soon to come. They are easy to make and oh, so adorable.
Want to make your own?
Find out how to make these cuties below, but to start, you’ll need these items:
  • Terra Cotta Pots – any size
  • Red, Yellow, & Green Spray Paint
  • Black Permanent Marker
  • White, Brown, and Green Acrylic Paint
  •                             Tape                                      

                                                           LET THE CRAFTS BEGIN 
    1. Spray paint entire terra cotta pot yellow. Let Dry.
    2. Once dry, tape off the pot using criss-crossing lines with blue painters tape. (Start with the lines going in one direction first, let dry completely, and then tape off and paint the intersecting lines).
    3. Paint against the edge of one side of the tape with brown acrylic paint.
    4. Let dry, then do this again for the intersecting lines.
    5. Using the end of a pen, add circles using brown paint, in between each of the “diamond patterns” created from your intersecting lines.
    6. Once dry, highlight small areas with green paint strokes.
    7. Let dry then plant with a tall plant selection to resemble the top of a pineapple.
    The best part about this craft is that you can absolutely make different types of fruit as well. Just by changing the colour of the paint you could easily make a watermelon, or maybe even a strawberry. Get your creativity flowin'!
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    We hope you enjoyed this week's blog! We will see you next week!🍍
    Author: The Pineapple Team


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