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The BEST March And April Travel Destinations ✈️

Hello, From The Pineapple Team! 

We hope you had a great week! This week we are coming at you with another blog that will for sure inspire you to get your travel on!  March and April can be excellent times to travel, especially with milder weather in many destinations and the Easter break to take advantage of! But where should you go? Well, we're here to show you! Without further ado, let's get started! 


1) Japan! 🇯🇵

March and April are the heart of the cherry blossom season in Japan. Locations like Tokyo, Kyoto, Fukuoka, Osaka and Hiroshima are ideal if you want the best of Japanese cities combined with beautiful cherry blossom exploration situated around rivers, gardens and castles. Check the exact dates when deciding on which destination to go with as blooming time does vary from place to place.

2) Spain! 🇪🇸

Mix lights, fire and explosive displays with costumes, dancing, floats and satire and you get the Fallas Festival, which takes place from March 15 – 19, 2016, in Valencia.  This is a perfect excuse to visit Spain and with spring weather in full swing, you’ll get to avoid the hot summer, as well as the tourist crowds that tend to flock there from June to August.   With local celebrations, public transport can get pretty hectic, so make sure you book a taxi in advance when you need one.

3) Chile! 🇨🇱

Chilean Patagonia is a place where you can expect towering peaks, sweeping glaciers and glittering lakes – the perfect place for the adventure lover. Visiting in March and April means three things: fewer tourists, cheaper costs and exquisite autumn colours. Torres del Paine is the key feature in the area, and if you’re not attuned to exploring on your own, daily tours to its major sites are easy to find!

4) Fiji! 🇫🇯

 Fiji is a blissful tropical island in the Pacific. It’s also ideal if you’re desperate for a holiday, but don’t want to spend a lot of cash. Visiting Fiji in April can be cheap and means you’ll hit the end of the low/wet period, just as it’s moving into the dry season. You might experience a rainy day or two, but you can still expect sunny tropical weather. Fiji can be packed during school holidays, so book early if you plan to go during this time. Try an adults-only resort (there are around a dozen) if you want to avoid kids and crowds altogether! 

Thank you for reading this week's blog! As always, you know the drill, check out some of our fave products this week! We'll talk to you next week!
The Pineapple Team.

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