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The Best Solo Female Trips To Take After COVID-19 🌞 🍍

Hello, From The Pineapple Team!

We hope you had a good week! We'd like to take a minute to recognize that there are some crazy things happening in the world as of late. Though these events are unfortunate, we'd like to wish you our best wishes. We will get through this together. You may be starting to slowly resume back to normal life, and like many of us you might even have the travel bug. Although we all have to stay put as of now, hopefully in the near future travel will resume back to normal. Here are some of the best places to visit SOLO as a woman. We hope you enjoy it! 

 Women can and should travel nearly anywhere solo with the right precautions. There are some destinations that are ideal for women travelling solo, especially for the first time on your own, or your first time out of the country.



Thailand is an incredibly popular solo travel destination, for many reasons. It’s very exotic for westerners who haven’t travelled to Asia, so you really feel like you are out there experiencing a completely different world. The prices there are incredibly cheap which means if you'd feel safer staying in a hotel, you won't be breaking the bank. It's easy to get around as well. Public transportation is relatively reliable and if you'd like to rent a scooter you can do that too. Thai people are incredibly hospitable and will usually respect your space. Like most places, petty crimes such as pickpockets do exist, so be mindful of that. 


If you're just looking for a beach to kick your feet up and drink a few pina-Coladas, Aruba is the perfect destination. For a small island, Aruba has excellent infrastructure to support tourism, including easy access from the continental U.S. and dozens of accommodation options. The locals are friendly and there's also quite a bit to do if you don't want to be on the beach all day. 



Iceland has become one of the most popular travel destinations recently, and for good reason. The country is a female traveller's dream; especially a solo female traveller. Iceland is ranked as the safest country in the world, which means you can explore the island without worry. Beautiful landscapes, kind people and world-class restaurants, this is definitely a place you should visit with the intent of spending a little extra cash. If you live in Europe, there are often cheap flights to Iceland that you should keep an eye out for! 


While Peru might not initially strike you as a great destination for solo female travellers, many people have found the opposite to be the case. Peru has a moderately solid tourism infrastructure and you're bound to meet many backpackers and travellers while you're there. 


Canada is full of vibrant cities, lush landscapes, and lots of national parks. Whether visiting in the summer or winter, there are a plethora of activities to do for any solo female traveller. The Vancouver area is really beautiful and is the perfect mix of city and nature. It’s also a short drive to Whistler, which is known for its winter sports scene. Driving in Canada is safe and easy; the roads are in good condition and are easy to navigate.

We hope you've enjoyed this week's blog! Stay safe, stay inside, and we will see you next week with another blog. While you're here, check out our 3 favourite products of the week! 


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