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We at The Pineapple Everything LOVE the holiday season.  We love getting together with our loved ones (even if that means virtually this year!), we love all the delicious seasonal foods (especially a nice spiced pineapple upside-down cake; recipe coming soon!), giving gifts (especially from The Pineapple Everything!) and above all, we love how festive and inviting our homes get when filled with christmas decor! The feelings of absolute bliss and joy that one receives when looking at a fully decorated home brings all the magic of christmas to life and keeps our spirits high-even in troubling times like 2020.  

However, not everyone of us has endless storage space to store our seasonal decor and this either leads us to missing out on maximizing our christmas decor cheer, or creating needless waste at the end of the holiday season.  Alternatively, some of us may simply want to have a unique holiday decor style each year and thus are forced to make similar decisions regarding storage and consumption. But we are pleased to introduce you to an item near and dear to our hearts: the pineapple, that can become the ultimate, versatile, zero-waste christmas decor piece of your dreams!


1. Their Size

Pineapples are the perfect pint-sized piece to fit in any room or home.  Their spiked sides and top make for the perfect tropical take on a traditional tree, apt for hanging lights and mini decorations.  And yet any one can find the counter space or room on a table to place a christmas themed pineapple!  In a pickle for space for a real tree? Place your gifts under a pineapple this year!



2. Zero-Waste

Now it goes without saying, pineapples are also obviously delicious, which is why using them as decor is a zero-waste no brainer: once you’re done with them or the christmas season is over-EAT THEM! No decor item is better than one that you can also eat! Cant resist the sweet taste of pineapple and end up eating your decor item before the holiday season comes to a close? No problem: you can even use the green top of a pineapple, flip it around, and make another mini-tree.  Pineapples are the gifts that keep on giving!



3. They Work Overtime

Pineapples also offer a unique perk to being decorated before they are eaten: this gives them time to ripen.  Why not dress up your pineapple in holiday cheer while it is still ripening, enjoying it before you eat it.  That way, once it’s ready to eat, the pineapple has already brought forth weeks of joy! I can’t think of any other decor piece that works for you WHILE acting as a decor piece!



4. They're Adorable

It’s fantastic that pineapples can fit in anyspace, create zero waste (and be fully composted!), and work overtime ripening while acting as a decor piece, but the ultimate reason why Pineapples make the best holiday decor piece is: they’re simply adorable!  There are so many different ways you can dress up your christmas pineapple to suit your personal holiday style and create such a fun way to bring a tropical flare into an otherwise cold themed holiday! We would love to see all your pineapple themed christmas decorations this year so make sure to tag @thepineappleeverything on instagram so we can showcase your awesome creations!



Want more fun ways to bring pineapple cheer to your homes this holiday? Check out these holiday themed items below!!!

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